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Lost/Damaged Passport

Required Documents, steps and Fees required for replacement of Lost/Damaged Passport.

Steps for Application

  • Step 1: Go to the Passport Portal
  • Step 2: Accept the terms and conditions displayed in the Disclaimer.
  • Step 3: Answer simple security questions
  • Step 4: Complete the passport application form
  • Step 5: Print Passport Application Payment Advice Form.
  • Step 6: Make payment for the selected type of passport using the selected payment method in the selected bank.
  • Step 7: Schedule appointment for a date of your convenience using the scheduled appointment link on the home page.
  • Step 8: Print Passport Application Appointment Form.
  • Step 9: Report to the selected passport Centre with the passport appointment form with the appropriate application requirements displayed on the website, for enrollment.

Requirements for LOST PASSPORT

  1. Own and detailed written explanation addressed to the Passport Control Officer explaining circumstances under which loss of Passport occurred.
  2. Complete Affidavit in lieu / Statutory Declaration of lost Passport.
  3. Police report confirming loss of Passport.
  4. Payment of 100,000 UGX fine for lost passport
  5. Express fee is an extra UGX 150,000, Bank Charges exclusive.
  6. Where copy of lost Passport is available please attach the same


Required Documents:

  1. Applicant should present to Passport Control Officer, written explanation for circumstances under which Passport was damaged / mutilated.
  2. Present damaged Passport.
  3. Payment of 100,000 UGX fine
  4. Express fee is an extra UGX 150,000, Bank Charges exclusive.