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Soon Coming: E-Visa and E-Permits

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control (DCIC) will soon introduce the electronic application of Visas and Work Permits (E-Visa and E-permits).

Under the new application process applicants for all immigration services such as visas, permits and passes will be required to apply online, and an electronic notification/ authorisation will electronically be sent to the applicant before proceeding to the preferred Entry Point or the nearest Uganda Mission abroad for the visa to be issued or before entering the country to have the permit endorsed in the passport.

The following categories of immigration facilities will be applied for electronically:     

                        A. Work Permits

                    B. Others Residence Facilities

                        C. Visas

i). Class A

ii). Class A2

iii). Class B

iv). Class C

v). Class D

vi). Class E

vii). Class F

viii). Class G1

ix). Class G2


x). Dependant Pass

xi). Student Pass

xii). Special Pass

xii). Certificate of Residence

xiv). Citizenship

xv). Single Entry Visa.

xvi). Multiple Entry Visa.

a)    6-12 months.

b)   24 months.

c)    36 months.


xvii). Students Entry Visa for students who are not nationals of East African Cooperation.


xviii).  East African Tourist Visa (Three months Multiple Entries within Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda in a single journey