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Payment Procedures for Immigration Services

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

All Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration control (DCIC) services are paid for in any bank that collects NTR for Uganda Revenue Authority. You can easily make your own assessment before walking into the bank to go and make a payment. This will not only save your time, but it will also help to know the exact amount that you need to pay for the service.

Please use the following steps to make your own assessment (register your payment):

Step 1: Log on to http://www.ura.go.ug (URA website), On the URA homepage, Click on e-Services
Step 2: Click payment registration
Step 3: Click other NTR. At this point, a form will appear requiring you to fill in the following:

  • MDA: Select Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration.
  • Other NTR Head: Select the facility you applied for. Remember the amount will fill its self by default.
  • BPAF Number: File numbers begins with IM/Number/Year (Do not leave any space or gap while entering the file number).
  • District/City: Kampala
  • County/Municipality: Kampala Central Division
  • Sub county: Kampala Central
  • Payment Mode: Under Bank details; choose the preferred Payment mode, e.g. cash, cheque, etc.
  • Bank Payment Mode: Manual
  • URA’S Bank Name: Select URA's Preferred Bank of Your Choice. (E.G UBA, DTB, Orient, Etc.)
  • Enter The Text Image As You See It.
  • Click: Accept and register.
  • Print.

NB: All fields marked with a red star are mandatory. Do not fill in the TIN number unless the computer asks.