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National IDS - Recruitment Schedule

Sunday, January 19, 2014

National Security Information System (NSIS)/ ID Project has released a list of shortlisted candidates for various posts. The lists and interview schedules are available at Kololo Airstrip Notice Board.

Please note that interview schedule for the following posts are available at the Kololo Airstrip notice board

  1.     Approval and Citzenship Verification Officer
  2.     Quality Assurance Officer &
  3.     Manual Image Enhancement Operator

The Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control has kicked off the public awareness campaign for the National Identification Card. The ceremony which was attended by stakeholders was held at East Kololo High School. The Project Manager of the National Security information System Project (national ID Project) Mr. Mercelino Bwesigye and his deputy Ms. Betty Nasenja confirmed that all Ugandans aged 16 years and above will have their IDs by end of 2015.The ceremony was attended by several stakeholders.