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E-immigration System

Friday, July 8, 2016

DCIC has completed the development of an electronic application and processing system for Visas, Entry Work Permits and Passes and its up and running.

All persons intending to Travel, Study or work in Uganda should feel free to visit our E-Visa Portal: www.visas.immigration.go.ug and apply for the relevant immigration facilities.

Organisation Profiling

To apply for visas, you do not need any form of profiling. However For those seeking Entry permits, organisations will be required to forward specific company documents for profiling their organisations in the system (Prior documentation of the organisation). Entry Permit applications can only be  made against profiled organisations. If the Organisation fully submits the required information for profiling, a code is system generated for it and sent to the organisation by e-mail through the email address provided. After receiving the code, it will then be possible for the necessary work permit applications for that organisation to be submitted electronically using that organisation code. The information required for profiling organisations can be obtained at: http://immigration.go.ug/media/profiling-institutions

To profile an organisation;

  • Log on to www.immigration.go.ug
  • Download and fill in the form:” imm001” in either Microsoft Word or Excel format
  • Compile list of mandatory documents in soft copy
  • Save/burn all the mandatory documents, the profiling form ‘imm001’ on the CD and hand deliver it to DCIC

What you can apply for on the e- immigration Portal

  • All types of visas
  • Entry Permits/Work Permits
  • Students Pass
  • Special Pass
  • Dependants Pass (If the principal’s work Permit was obtained electronically)
  • Certificate of Residence

The entire application process can be completed in four simple and exciting steps

Services on the E-Visa Portal

  1. Apply for any of the above facilities
  2. Extend/Renew facilities
  3. Apply to replace
  4. Lodge an appeal

How it works

Upon Application, one receives a notification with an application Number which he/she can use to track the application

Upon approval of the application, the applicant receives an email notification detailing the steps to be taken, with an attachment of the e-visa/e-permit approval/authorisation to travel. The attachment should be printed and presented to Immigration Officers as proof that the e-visa/e-permit was approved.

In case the application is deferred, it can be sent back for amendment by the applicant or more documents requested by the processing Immigration Officer

Visas are paid for online. No Visa is processed until online payment is successful. The Visa can then be personalised at our entry points, or Ugandan missions abroad as indicated in the application.

Approved e-permits shall be paid for in the relevant banks that collect Non Tax Revenue (NTR) for Uganda Revenue Authority.

The system started full operation on 1st July, 2016. Currently, manual application of visas on arrival are being processed alongside the electronic visas and the strict date when we shall stop airlines from carrying passengers without Travel Authorisations (e-visa approval) or accept applications made at the Point of Entry shall be communicated to the airlines and tour operators.

As for Work Permits, the system is fully operational and we do not receive manual applications. However, applicants for Dependants Pass against Sponsors/Principals/Benefactors who obtained Entry/Work permits manually should submit them manually as the system can only process Dependants Passes of principals who obtained the permits electronically.


All visas, Permits and passes are approved within two (2-3) working days, except in special circumstances where more documents and/ or verification may be required. However applicants are advised to apply at least Five (5) working days before their intended date of travel.

Missions Abroad

E-visas and e-permits are centrally approved but can only be personalised at Point of Entry. It will however be possible to electronically personalise visas at Missions Abroad when we equip them with the e-immigration system. At the moment Missions can continue issuing visas using the current system until the e-immigration equipment is installed. Tour operators, airlines and the general public shall be informed when the embassies are equipped.


Please note that the introduction of the e-immigration system does not affect the fees and the legal requirements per category for obtaining a Visa, Pass or Work permit under the laws of Uganda.