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Ambassadors Appreciate DCIC Innovations

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Ugandan Ambassadors have appreciated the innovations from the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control (DCIC) that include the online application system for visas, the E-Visa and the Dual Citizenship platform, especially for former Ugandans in the Diaspora. This was during a sensitisation workshop with DCIC officials led by the Assistant Commissioner Immigration Control, Mr. Wilberforce Ngonde in the James Waphakabulo Hall at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesdya, 26th July 2017. On his team were Mrs. Margaret Kabugho, the head of the E-Visa team, Mr. Saad Kityamuwesi from the Passport and Citizenship Control Department, Mr. Imalingat Emmanuel, Miss Hamza Nabatanzi and Mr. Atwiine Timothy from DCIC.

The Ambassadors were taken through the history of the E-Visa, how it came up, the challenges so far faced in over one year of its implementation and the long term plans. In his presentation, Mr. Ngonde told the Ambassadors how the E-Visa system has eased travel facilitation to Uganda with travelers applying for and paying for their visas online. Mrs. Margaret explained to the Ambassadors that the E-Visa system is timely, has better data storage and is in the process of being upgraded into a fully fledged border management system. Areas of Dual Citizenship were also explained to the Ambassadors by Mr. Saad who left an appreciation of the Law pertaining Ugandan Citizenship.

So far, 15 Ugandan missions abroad have been connected to the E-Visa system with travelers able to have their visas endorsed and personalized there before they come into Uganda. These include; Beijing, Washington, Canberra, Pretoria, New Delhi, Ottawa, Ankara, Paris and Addis Ababa. Others are Abuja, Guangzhou, Mogadishu, Berlin, Brussels and London. The E-Visa is set to be rolled out to various other Missions abroad to ensure that travelers are not inconvenienced at all.


Applications for Immigration facilities such as Visas, Work Permits, Special Passes, Student Passes, and Certificate of Residence are done online at www.visas.immigration.go.ug. An ordinary/Tourist Visa to Uganda costs 50USD which payment must be done online for the application to be processed.