Thursday, September 8, 2016

1. Download a profiling form and the requirements for organizational coding from our website .
One can alternatively get hard copies of the profiling form and requirements from the photocopier at DCIC in case they cannot download them
2. Fill and complete the Profiling form as well as the Particulars of the Directors and save them on a CD in Microsoft Word or Excel (soft copy).
3. Scan and save the required documents for the relevant Class/Organisation/Institution in PDF or JPEG format. Save them on the same CD as the profiling form and particulars of directors.
4. Deliver a complete CD with the Profiling form and Particulars of Directors (In Microsoft Word/Excel), as well as the required documents, scanned and saved in either PDF or JPEG to Immigration Head offices, located on Plot 75 Jinja Road
5. The CD is then handed over to the officers for verification and/or receiving: the client should make sure to take keen interest as this is being done
6. A submission form is filled in by the client if all the necessary information is available.
7. The submission form (with the CD) is received by the immigration officers and a receiving slip is issued to the client.
8. The code is sent by email (the email address you provide in the profiling form) to the client. However, in case you have not received it in three days, you come with your receiving slip to the PR Office and it will be issued to you.

1. Only complete CDs are received. Where documents are lacking, the officers will advise you on the changes to make upon which you will submit a revised CD with all the required information.
2. Where challenges or missing information is detected after receiving the CD, the client will be contacted
3. The Public Relations Office takes responsibility for only CDs that are received and registered by the Information Desk for which a duly signed receiving slip is issued.